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Are you an expectant mother? Are you fully prepared for the postnatal period?


If you find yourself relating to any of the following scenarios:

  • Uncertain about how to effectively prepare for the postnatal phase.

  • Struggling to picture life beyond the birthing experience.

  • Feeling adrift without the support needed to navigate the postnatal period.

  • Overwhelmed by the uncertainty of life after childbirth.

You are not alone!

During my first pregnancy, I believed that childbirth was the ultimate goal – that once the baby arrived, everything would fall perfectly into place.

My focus for preparing for the postnatal period was mainly about acquiring baby gear.

But these feelings are entirely normal. Many expectant mothers, just like you, find it challenging to imagine what life holds after childbirth and may not have dedicated much thought to it.

イギリス 英国 ウェールズ 妊娠 出産 産後 赤ちゃん ドゥーラ 子育て 育児_edited.jpg

The reality often strikes hard for new mothers. You might say, "I thought childbirth was the finish line," or "I had no idea postnatal life could be this challenging! I wish I had prepared emotionally, not just materially."

I've been on this emotional rollercoaster myself. After childbirth, I felt physically and emotionally drained. I lost my sense of identity, and my partner struggled to understand my experience. I was overwhelmed and felt an immense pressure to be a "perfect mother."

イギリス 英国 ウェールズ 妊娠 出産 産後 赤ちゃん ドゥーラ 子育て 育児_edited.jpg

But there's a better way.


Instead of blindly stepping into the postnatal period, hoping it will magically work out, it's crucial to pause, reconnect with yourself, and prepare for the future. That's exactly what this session is all about.


The postnatal period isn't about returning to your pre-birth self. It's a unique opportunity to discover a new balance, be gentle with yourself, and nurture your well-being after giving birth. 


Have you heard of "40 days, 40 years?" In many cultures worldwide, new mothers spend the first 40 days bonding with their newborn indoors, supported by other women. This sacred practice is essential for well-being even 40 years later. 


While it might not perfectly align with modern Western culture, it's crucial to remember that your body is in recovery mode throughout the first year or even longer! This session will guide you in finding your unique balance and crafting a personalised postnatal plan.

イギリス 英国 ウェールズ 妊娠 出産 産後 赤ちゃん ドゥーラ 子育て 育児_edited.jpg

Explore Your Birth Journey's Exclusive "Postnatal Plan"

To prepare for the postnatal period, we focus on five key aspects: yourself, nutrition, your environment, partnership, and support from those around you.


Our comprehensive Postnatal Plan template offers a profound opportunity for self-reflection, self-understanding, and connecting with your partner.


With this Postnatal Plan, you aren't shielding yourself from potential difficulties. Even if tough times and tears come your way, you'll be equipped to connect with your inner strength and build a stronger foundation. This tool will help you navigate the postnatal period, strengthening your foundation as a mother.

イギリス 英国 ウェールズ 妊娠 出産 産後 赤ちゃん ドゥーラ 子育て 育児_edited.jpg
イギリス 英国 ウェールズ 妊娠 出産 産後 赤ちゃん ドゥーラ 子育て 育児_edited.jpg

Hear from Those Who Crafted Their "Postnatal Plan" with Your Birth Journey

  • "Working on this before birth was a lifesaver! What I prepared beforehand has become my emotional 'support' after giving birth! I can relax and enjoy parenting."

  • "It's not just about me working hard; knowing that I can ask this person for help makes my postnatal period more comfortable."

  • "I thought thoroughly about what to do practically, so I can approach the postnatal period with peace of mind."

  • "I didn't think that imagining a postnatal 'me' would be such a profound inner journey. It was a great opportunity!"

  • "I discovered points to look back on during my pregnancy when I had time. Tomoko's warmth and her words were comforting."

In this session, you'll engage in interactive exercises that deepen your understanding of the postnatal period and help you connect with yourself while creating your personalised Postnatal Plan.

Session Details:

  • Fee: £33 (plus travelling costs, if applicable)

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Option: Available online for your convenience

  • Recommendation: Invite your partner to join; it's a valuable experience together.

What's Included:

  • Insight into the true essence of the postnatal period

  • Your Birth Journey's original Postnatal Plan template

  • A list of essential postnatal nutrition

£42 plus travel costs for 2 hour session

In this session, we talk through the postnatal period and make your postnatal support plan together during your pregnancy. This session can be held online if you prefer.


Embrace this precious "postnatal" time as an opportunity for transformation. It brings significant changes to your body, emotions, and spirit, providing a unique chance to pause, reevaluate your life. Strengthen your connection with yourself, your baby, your partner, your family, and your support network. 


I genuinely hope you'll navigate this period with the strength that's uniquely you.

イギリス 英国 ウェールズ 妊娠 出産 産後 赤ちゃん ドゥーラ 子育て 育児
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