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Ceredigion pregnant pregnancy birth post

Birth Doula Support

in Ceredigion, West Wales

“Mothering the mother” is my passion, as that was how I myself was encouraged and supported in my motherhood journey.


You will be supported all the way through pregnancy to the early postpartum period so that you can relax with confidence.

I cover the whole of Ceredigion and some areas nearby which include Aberaeron, Aberystwyth, Morfa Borth, Machynlleth, Llanidloes, Llandeilo, Lampeter, Aberporth, Cardigan and Carmarthen.

I offer face to face services but some services can be online if preferred.

Ceredigion Mid West Wales pregnant pregnancy birth postnatal baby doula antenatal class pr

In prenatal sessions,

I provide support such as walking you through the birth process, how you would like to manage the birth, what to expect after the birth and how you can communicate efficiently with medical caregivers. I will also support you to define your birth preferences.

At birth,

you will be given gentle, calming and assuring support without disturbing your birthing world. You will also be supported to have good communication with healthcare providers.

Ceredigion Mid West Wales pregnant pregnancy birth postnatal baby doula antenatal class pr
Ceredigion pregnant pregnancy birth postnatal baby doula

In postnatal visits,

I check in on how you and your family are getting on with your new journey with your baby physically, emotionally and practically. I will be there to assure you at this very start of motherhood/parenthood.


Yr oedd Tomoko, yn ardderchog.

Yr oedd Tomoko, yn ardderchog. Roedd hi gyda llawer o gyngor da i ni. Roedd y cyngor hyn wedi neud y brosses llawer yn rwyddach a hefyd yn llanw ni gyda hyder.

The quality and information we were given and the level of support has been first-class.

Tomoko has been instrumental in supporting and preparing us for pre-birth and after birth. I do not think I could have achieved a home birth and breastfeeding without her. The quality and information we were given and the level of support has been first-class. If I had another baby, I would choose Tomoko as my doula again! Tomoko’s approach was gentle and I felt like I could trust her. She was empathetic and a good listener.


You helped make our dream birth happen.

I know that we had already read a lot, but your wisdom, advice & the resources you passed on to us helped us so much and made such a huge difference both in advocating for ourselves during pregnancy & our birth experiences.

Your energy & presence kept me calm, your words encouraged & empowered me and your massage meant I could withstand the surges without pain relief. You made me feel safe, supported and brave and Merlin & I will be forever grateful.

You were such a perfect fit for us with our holistic & spiritual approach to birth. You helped make our dream birth happen & you made such a difference to our pregnancy journey too.


Tomoko really was perfect for us.

Prenatally, she highlighted our options to us many times & helped us to feel emotionally & physically prepared. At birth, she quietly and calmly attended to me & my partner without getting in the way of interfering unnecessarily. Tomoko really was perfect for us. She has a very calming presence.


It was indeed an empowering experience.

I had a really wonderful birth experience with my 2nd baby and would not have done so without her help. Active labour took only 2.5 hours including around 20 minutes of pushing. I didn't need medication and was in control of the labour.


The discussions I had with Tomoko pre labour had given me the confidence to communicate to my midwife well during labour, which led to me and my midwife working well together. It was indeed an empowering experience. Tomoko is such a very caring person. Just can't thank her enough.



Tomoko was AMAZING!

Tomoko gave me confidence during labour as she had included me in everything. She gave me confidence in knowing the process of labour & birth and what to expect. She also helped me define what my role would be during labour. Tomoko was AMAZING! I highly recommend hiring a doula! She will put your fears at ease and help you through the emotional time.

RC  - birthing mum's partner

Tomoko was completely respectful of my role within the birth.

I felt totally included in the birth process. Tomoko was completely respectful of my role within the birth. Just a huge thank you. I am so pleased with how our birth went. It was perfect and every little thing you did made a huge difference to both Kelly and myself.

Andrew  - birthing mum's partner

Calming and reassuring.

Tomoko is a very kind and gentle soul. I found her presence to be calming and reassuring.


I have only positive experiences from my birth with you.

She supported me at every step of my pregnancy and birth journey, reassured and kept me calm when I passed my due date as I was quite emotional about it.

The support at birth was invaluable - do really appreciate back massage, breathing together which gave me power towards the end of the birth which was not going the way I initially expected. Tomoko was very gentle all the time and I got exactly the level of support I needed without being disturbed from my own little birthing world.

Would highly recommend Tomoko and if I would decide to go for baby number 3 at some point I know who my doula would be. Thank you very much for your support Tomoko - I have only positive experiences from my birth with you.



Ceredigion Mid West Wales pregnant pregnancy birth postnatal baby doula antenatal class pr

Your Birth Doula package

Prepare for your birth journey and receive nurturing support with my comprehensive Birth Doula package. Here's what it includes:

  • Prenatal Sessions

Enjoy 3 x 3 hours tailored one-on-one sessions to help you prepare for birth. We'll cover essential topics and address any concerns you may have.

  • Attending the Birth

I will be on-call and available from 37 weeks of pregnancy until your baby is born. I'll provide continuous support during labour and birth, ensuring you feel empowered and supported throughout the process.

  • Postnatal Visits 

After the birth, I will visit you twice to provide gentle and nurturing support as you navigate the early days of motherhood/parenthood. A closing ritual is typically included to aid your life-changing transition (details provided here).

  • Phone and Email Support

You'll have access to unlimited phone and email support throughout your pregnancy and up to 6 weeks postnatal. I'm here to answer your questions, provide guidance, and offer reassurance whenever you need it.

 Investment: sliding scale of £880 - £1100 plus travel costs*

*Please note that due to rising fuel costs, there is a travel cost of 50p per mile.

Flexible Payment Options 

I understand that financial circumstances can vary. I am happy to consider alternative payment arrangements, such as work/skills/farm produce exchange or instalment plans. Let's discuss what works best for you.

Your positive birth experience starts here. Contact me to discuss your needs and schedule a free consultation.

Together, we'll create a personalised birth support plan that aligns with your preferences and desires.

Ceredigion pregnant pregnancy birth postnatal baby doula_edited.jpg

Free 1/2 hour call

I offer a free no obligation 1/2 hour phone/video call. If you would like to talk through your concerns about pregnancy, birth or postpartum or you are interested in my service and would like to find out more, get in touch!

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