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Ceredigion pregnant pregnancy pregnant maternity birth postnatal baby doula  antenatal cla

Our Monthly Bump & Buggy Walk

Is where pregnant mothers/parents and mothers/parents with babies, toddlers and home schoolers get together and have a gentle walk in beautiful nature at Llanerchaeron in Ceredigion, West Wales.

Who is it for?

・Pregnant mothers/parents

・Mothers/parents with babies & toddlers

・Those who like spending time in nature

・Those whose life is so busy and need a  bit of clearing space

・Those looking for connection with nature 

・Those looking for connection with other  mothers/parents

Ceredigion pregnant pregnancy birth postnatal baby doula

Who is it for?

  • Pregnant mothers/parents

  • Mothers/parents with babies & toddlers

  • Mothers/parents with home schoolers

  • Those whose life is so busy and need a bit of clearing space

  • Those looking for connection with nature 

  • Those looking for connection with other mothers/parents

What do we do?

We walk for about 30 minutes in beautiful nature. Don't worry, it is going to be a nice slow walk!

Along the walk, we talk about pregnancy, birth, babies, local groups and lots more. Or if you feel like quietly enjoying the walk, that is fine too. 

We might have a nice warm hot chocolate at a cafe after the walk. (subject to the opening times of the cafe.)


10-11am THURSDAY  each month.

Contacting me to find the updated information. 


Llanerchaeron National Trust 

You can find how to get here in this website

It is an open and safe space and it is FREE to join us.

Ceredigion pregnant pregnancy birth postnatal baby doula

Why walk? What are the benefits?

  • You can connect with a local doula and other local mothers/parents and get some local information about pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period etc.

  • Your babies & toddlers can be occupied by walking in nature

  • You can feel better with some fresh air

  • It can be a time to listen to your heart and inner voice - nature is always a teacher who can make us realise lots of important things in life.

  • Connecting with nature and other mothers/parents can empower yourself and your journey of pregnancy and parenthood.

This group was formerly called “Birth & Baby Group”, held in a village hall and a family centre.

Now I strongly believe that nature brings lots of benefits to living creatures including us human beings. You probably have an experience of feeling better or uplifted by spending some time in nature, even in your garden or a bit of a stroll in a park. Nature has a lot to teach us even when you have a big bump and are so busy with little ones.

So let’s reconnect with nature and other mothers & parents. You might sometimes feel it is hard to pack everything you need and go out in nature by yourself so let’s do it together! 

Ceredigion pregnant pregnancy birth postnatal baby doula

I was so nervous and had lots of worries in my journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


During those times, what really helped was connecting with other mothers-to-be and mothers. We just talked and shared thoughts and sometimes laughed but those times really gave me the energy and encouragement to keep going. 


So I have a passion for holding space for pregnant mothers/parents and mothers/parents so that they can take their journey of motherhood/parenthood together. 

Ceredigion pregnant pregnancy birth postnatal baby doula

This walk is subject to the weather so don’t forget to REGISTER to book a space by contacting me and get updated information.

There is a possibility of last minute cancellation due to the nature of the doula support for birth. In that case, you would be informed on the day so don't forget to register.

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