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What does a doula do? - Prenatal Sessions

Updated: Mar 24

As a doula, my role extends beyond just attending the birth. Prenatal sessions are an essential part of the support I provide, offering tailored one-on-one sessions to empower and prepare expectant parents for their birthing journey. In these sessions, we delve into various aspects that are crucial for a positive birth experience.

What happens during Prenatal Sessions?

I typically offer 2 or 3 prenatal sessions, depending on the clients' preferences for either 2 longer sessions or 3 shorter ones. These sessions are designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to approach birth with confidence and make informed choices.

Throughout the sessions, we cover a wide range of topics, including:

1. Empowering Your Birth Experience: Understanding and asserting your rights to ensure an empowered birth.

2. Effective Communication: Equipping you with communication tools to advocate for your preferences during childbirth.

3. Addressing Worries and Fears: Creating a safe space to process any anxieties or concerns you may have about childbirth.

4. Pain Management and Relaxation Techniques: Learning techniques to manage discomfort and relax during labour, which can also be useful after birth.

5. Harnessing Your Hormones: Understanding and working with the natural hormonal processes during birth.

6. Partner's Role: Preparing your partner to support you effectively during labour.

7. Induction of Labour Options: Understanding your choices if induction of labour is offered.

8. Caesarean Birth Options: Exploring your options and preferences in case of a caesarean birth.

9. The Journey of Parenthood: Navigating the early stages of motherhood or parenthood.

10. Breastfeeding: Learning about breastfeeding and the early stages of nurturing your newborn.

These are just a few examples, as each session is tailored to your unique needs and concerns. For first-time parents, I focus on addressing their most pressing questions and uncertainties. For those who have experienced traumatic births, we allocate time to heal and work through any lingering emotions.


"Both my partner and I found the prenatal sessions invaluable. The quality of information we received was first-class."

"The sessions were incredibly helpful in easing my anxiety about giving birth. They also enabled my husband and me to create a clear plan on how he could provide the best support for me."

"I loved that the sessions were custom-made, so I got to learn the specific information I was interested in."

Continuing the Journey

The impact of these prenatal sessions is profound, as they lay a strong foundation for an empowered birthing experience. Many couples who have completed these sessions have achieved the birth they desired. The preparation is that powerful.

For more details about my Birth Doula support, you can visit: Your Birth Journey Doula - Birth Doula Support

If you are interested in Birth Doula support but finance is a barrier, I also offer a 1-to-1 Birth Preparation Course focusing on just those prenatal sessions. The details are available here: Your Birth Journey Doula - Birth Preparation Course

Remember, your journey is unique, and I am here to guide and support you every step of the way.


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