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Your Birth Story 4 - Three Births in Ceredigion

Your Birth Story in & around Ceredigion, West Wales

Where did you plan to have your birth, and why was it your chosen place?

My chosen hospital to give birth was Bronglais, Aberystwyth.

This was my 3rd time to give birth in that hospital so it really was like going from home to home. I was familiar with the midwives and staff from previous labours and that place always brings back lovely memories for me birthing my 3 boys, and I always get a lovely feeling when going back. We are very blessed in Ceredigion to have such wonderful midwives.

Originally with my 3rd baby I wanted a home birth but with developing GD (Gestational Diabetes) in the last 10 weeks that option was looking less likely as it’s recommended to birth in a hospital as it’s the safest option but I wouldn’t have changed anything, my baby was born quickly, safely and most importantly we received the best care and I know I was in the right place especially for a pregnant lady with GD.

How did you prepare yourself for the birth?

I’m a big believer in hypnobirthing, with my second baby I remember buying a book called ‘Make your birth better’ by Siobhan Miller and it has all the tips and tricks on how to use breathing techniques. What I learnt from that book has always stayed with me so I used those techniques with my 3rd baby.

I also followed a lady on instagram called ‘The Naked Doula Official’ and there are some awesome videos and tips on there that I also used.

Towards the end of my pregnancy when it was safe to do so, I had Clary Sage & Lavender baths.

I made sure that my hospital bag was packed as soon as possible, with my first he was a week overdue, my second arrived on his due date and my 3rd arrived 8 days early, so having my hospital bag ready to go was in hindsight the best idea ever as I was taken by surprise when I went into labour a week early with my 3rd son.

How did your birth experience impact your life afterward?

I’ve been very fortunate with all 3 of my labours that it’s always been very straight forward. I’ve given birth vaginally each time, each of them being big 8 lbs/9 lbs babies.

Every single labour has been different to each other, in terms of length, pain and experience, but over all every one of them has been positive in its own way.

Message for mothers/parents currently expecting and those aspiring to have a baby.

Always trust your instinct, if something is wrong and you feel it is, go with your gut. Never be afraid to speak up and use your voice and advocate for yourself.

When I developed GD towards the end of my pregnancy I was passed over to the consultant which was a first for me, and I cannot fault the care I received. I was always listened to, I advocated for myself as I knew my own body and I knew what it was capable of and I was always supported by all the midwives and consultants during that time with my decisions.

Research hypnobirthing will make a significant impact on your labour and help you take back control.

There is so much information out there, follow groups on Facebook. There is a great one out there for those who develop GD like myself. I learnt so much and it really helped me get through it (Gestational Diabetes UK). 

Rochelle 2017, 2019 & 2023


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