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Is your baby too big or too small based on an ultrasound scan?

Have you ever been told your baby is too big or too small based on an ultrasound scan? Were you recommended for induction because of it?

I've heard countless stories of mothers feeling stressed and anxious after such predictions, only to find out that the actual baby size at birth was quite different from what was predicted.

Here's the thing about ultrasound scans: they're not as accurate as we might think!

Most studies and reviews indicate a margin of error of around 15% in either direction, and sometimes it could be even more.

For instance, if your baby is "estimated" to weigh 4kg, that 15% margin translates to a range of 3400g (7lbs 5oz) to 4600g (10lbs 4oz). That's quite a spread, and remember, it's still just an "estimate." And some babies will weigh more or less than this 15% margin.

In Sara Wickham's book 'In Your Own Time,' a renowned midwife, author, and researcher, you'll find valuable insights into informed decision-making during pregnancy and childbirth. If you're expecting, it would be very beneficial and empowering reading her work!

In our modern world, we often put a lot of faith in numbers and machines.

However, it's crucial to understand that ultrasound scans aren't as precise as we might assume. Being aware of this can empower you to get balanced information and make informed choices.

Moreover, offering induction for a suspected big baby isn't supported by the evidence.

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