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My Doula Journey and Commitment

Updated: Apr 24

As the New Year unfolds, I find myself reflecting on my journey as a doula and the profound reasons that led me to this path. In sharing my story, I hope to convey the essence of my commitment to empowering women and birthing individuals.

Growing up in Japan, where "autonomy" wasn't commonly discussed, I initially adhered to societal "norms". However, my perspective shifted during my own transformative birth experiences in England, unravelling the wonders of our body's capabilities and instilling confidence and self-trust within me.

Fortunate to have a supportive network, including a doula, I've realised that many individuals face traumatic experiences during birth when told "you are not allowed to do..." or "you have to do...", leaving them feeling disempowered with no other choice.

Motivated by the belief that every woman and birthing person deserves a positive and empowering birth experience, I embarked on the path of becoming a doula.

Birth is NOT just a life event; it is an experience etched into our bodies, minds, and spirits.

While the role of mothers is often undervalued in the modern Western world, I firmly believe that mothers play a crucial role in shaping new life, the future, and influencing the perspectives of generations to come.

Birth, as a rite of passage, is a monumental step in this journey.

My mission is clear: every individual is entitled to birth in the way they envision. Birth is a unique, personal, and precious journey, and my role is to offer unwavering support.

Currently immersed in Rachel Reed's fantastic book, "Reclaiming Childbirth As A Rite Of Passage" (absolutely love it!), a profound phrase resonates deeply with me: "The woman is the expert of her own body, birth, and baby; only she can determine the best way for her to birth and mother." This encapsulates my guiding philosophy.

Looking ahead, my availability for doula support in 2024 is...

🍀 BIRTH DOULA SUPPORT is fully booked until May, and June bookings are open. POSTNATAL DOULA support opens in February. Contact me for more details.

🍀 Our monthly BUMP & BUGGY WALK in Aberaeron and PREGNANCY CIRCLES in Aberarth and Aberystwyth will continue through this year. The details of the next Pregnancy Circle can be found here.

🍀 Prepare for the upcoming POSTNATAL CIRCLE! A nurturing space for mothers with babies aged 0-12 months. Launching very soon! Stay tuned!

May this New Year bring forth transformative and empowering experiences for all those on the beautiful journey of birth and motherhood.


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