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Your Birth Story 5 - Successful VBAC - The anxieties and worries leading up to it!

Your Birth Story in & around Ceredigion, West Wales

Where did you plan to have your birth, and why was it your chosen place?

I am a mum of 3 a 7 year old, 2 year old and a 4 month old. All birth's were planned in Aberystwyth hospital as I live 45 minutes from any hospital so if there were any complications I would be in the hospital already.

How did you prepare yourself for the birth?

All 3 pregnancies were great obviously the normal pregnancy symptoms but was really excited every time to meet our babies.

Where did you actually have your birth? Tell us the details of your birth.

I had all 3 babies in Aberystwyth hospital. First birth was straight forward and had baby naturally.

I was really excited the second time around and thought all would be straightforward again however after labouring all night the decision was made at 10cm that I needed a C-section as baby was in a very difficult position and there was no other way baby could arrive safely.

All went well with the C-section and was home a few days after however, I noticed I was still experiencing a lot of pain and started getting cold shivers and hot flushes.

A week after giving birth to my second I got admitted to Carmarthen hospital with Sepsis, they immediately started treatment and I was beginning to get better. Half way through my stay in hospital I got told that I also had picked up MRSA whilst in hospital recovering with Sepsis.

This was the most ill I had ever been and struggled badly at being away from my first born, luckily my newborn was allowed to stay with me in hospital.

I finally went home after 8 days in hospital and had to have nurses out to the house every day to clean and change my dressing as the C-section wound had 3 holes. 

Eventually I recovered and got back on my feet. 

However when I fell pregnant with my third baby I was petrified of having another C-section and had a conversation with my consultant that assured me I could have my VBAC. 

There was a lot of anxiety and worry leading up to my birth with my third but the team at the hospital were fantastic and I had a successful VBAC and a very straightforward birth I was so relieved and happy. 

How did your birth experience impact your life afterward?

My second birth made me very anxious and worried about becoming pregnant and the birth experience but I now know after my third birth that all birth experiences are different and to never go off a bad experience.

Message for mothers/parents currently expecting and those aspiring to have a baby.

If you have any worries and anxieties just remain with a positive outlook. 

Alice 2016, 2021 & 2023


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